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dogon baskets

Item: Basket Mopti, large

Size: base: 29 x 29 cm, height: 34 cm, diameter: 60 cm

Weight: 1000 - 1200 g

Material: Millet stalks and vegetable fibres

Price: 44.00 ( 35.00)

Item number: D 01 001

Delivery time: 1 2 weeks   



Item: Basket Mopti, small

Size: base: 21 x 21 cm, height: 21 cm, diameter: 38 cm

Weight: 500 g

Material: Millet stalks and vegetable fibres

Price: 34.00 ( 27.00)

Item number: D 01 002

Delivery time: 1 2 weeks   



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  These baskets are from Mali.


Dogon baskets

For the Dogon people of Mali, even the most mundane everyday object has a symbolic meaning. The traditional baskets, made of millet stalks, are used for storage and transport. Baskets full of millet, firewood or cotton are carried on the head by women going the market. When turned upside down, baskets serve as stools. Basket weaving is usually done by elderly men.


Dogon baskets always come in the same shape: the diameter is roughly twice the side of the base. The square base symbolises the four cardinal points, and the round upper part refers to the celestial vault. This is the same shape as the ark in which the Dogon ancestors, animals and plants arrived on Earth.